Preschool education is necessary for children to make them capable, to boost their confidence and there are many schools which are providing pre-school education in the form of nursery and they use Montessori education to teach children. Although, you can teach your children at your home but there are some things that your child can not learn at home. Social interaction is one for major factor among them. There are many Dubai nurseries and you can choose anyone of them for your child. But you just always prefer nursery schools of your area such as nursery in Barsha If you are living in Barsha. These schools give admission to children at the age of 2.5 years or 3 years. But it does not mean that you get admitted your child at the age of 2 years. You must choose some criteria for your child. You should not consider the age of your child but you should consider some other points that either he is capable to go there or not. 

Some of these points have been given in this article so you must consider these points before sending your child to school. 


Before sending your child to school you must consider that either your child is independent or still he/she is dependent on you. you must consider that either your child can go to washroom without you or not and similarly some other chores like eating, drinking etc. 

Can he live without you for few hours?

If you child can live without you for few hours then you should send him school. If he can not live without you then he will also irritate school’s management. 

Can he participate in activities?

As you know that there are many activities performed in school. So you must make sure that is your child capable of participating in activities. 

Can he spend time in crowd?

As you know that there are many persons in school, classmates, teachers and other staff of school. So you must make sure that can he spend time with crowd or he is habitual of living lonely or with family only. 

Is he able to keep regular schedule?

When you start sending your child to school then he will have to keep his routine regular. But if he is not willing to go to school then you should not send him school.