A villa is very luxurious and you cannot just get it designed average. You should design the villa in such manner that whoever sees it gets impressed and stand there in awe.

Following are some ideas for exterior and villa interior design.

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  • Design of the Door

The door is something by which a person can deduce everything. We often see many houses while travelling. If the door of a house is appealing to our eyes, we usually say that the inside of the house would be very good and if the design of the door is average then we could say that the interior of the house would be fine. So, better to get a beautiful design of the door and the interior should also be according to the entrance.

  • Fountains

Fountains are found to give a luxurious look to your villa. You can either add fountains on the sides of the entrance, a waterfall or pond on one or both sides.

  • Passageway

To impress your guests, decorate your passageway with beautiful lights. It will give the passageway a unique and an aesthetic appearance.

  • Doorway Stairs

Stairs are very important for the entrance. A villa is known to be luxurious so why not make the interior as well as outside of the villa also luxurious. Decorate the doorway stairs with embellishing tiles and stylish lighting.

  • Huge Bathrooms

You should not compromise on the bathrooms of your villa. The bathroom of a villa are supposed to be huge. There should be sufficient space for the towels and other accessories on the basin. The bathroom should also have enough space to so you can easily move in there. Use calm and cool colors to give a good effect.

  • Rooms

In a villa, everything should be designed in such a way that it has a lot of space. If you have a big family then design a living room and dining area such that once in a while everyone in the family can accommodate in those rooms and can spend quality time together.

  • Furniture

Buying a villa or getting it designed are both very expensive things. So, when buying rest of the things make sure that they are not very expensive. But, one thing to keep in mind is that the furniture should be luxurious as the villas is luxurious. But good quality furniture with minimum prices.