We often discuss the possibilities of getting Botox treatment but we have never given second thought to the fact that how these injections and treatment itself works. Don’t worry as we discuss here how these injections work to give the perfect results.

Before we get into the glory details of how Botox injection works, we need to see how our body and its mechanisms work in order to get it right. If we take a look at the muscles in our forehead, they are aligned vertically. As we know every muscle has a tendency to contract and when you contract your forehead muscles for example when you raise your eyebrows or frown, the muscles are moved in the horizontal direction. This is the reason that these lines appear. When these lines start to occur constantly, they stay there permanently causing wrinkles.

What Botox injection applied in Botox clinic Dubai does is they block the nerve impulses of tissues. When this happens, the activity which causes lines such as frown or eyebrow raise is reduced to give smoother better results. When the skin does not find any contracting muscle it gets very hard for it to wrinkle. This is a good option for us as we hate wrinkles and the more they stay away, the better our face looks.

Something which you need to take care of is the fact that Botox cannot treat every type of wrinkle. There are some lines which occur even when the face is completely relaxed and not applying any kind of facial expressions, such lines are better treated with dermal fillers instead of Botox injections. You can also try vitamin drip Dubai which is useful in many ways. Botox can certainly help those facial lines also known as wrinkles which appear on facial expression. The simple lines would soften on use of Botox but they won’t disappear.

Injections take merely 10 minutes to be injected without any downtime. Remember that the results won’t be instantly visible, but instead you will have to wait for 3 to 4 days. Slowly and gradually the Botox will latch on to the muscles and stimulate the contraction. If you want to see the full results of the Botox then you must wait 2 weeks at max and the result obtained then would be considered its maximum effect.