There are so many disorder and diseases related to reproductive system in women but the most common of them is PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is reproductive, hormonal and metabolic disorder in which women have more male hormones than female hormones due to which they:

  1. Face infertility 
  2. Suffer from depression
  3. Have extensive hair growth,  and 
  4. Weight gain. 

Unfortunately, majority of the public do not have knowledge about it; although, many women are suffering from it. 

Some of its basic guidelines and facts are:

  1. Majority of women with PCOS develop pre-diabetes or diabetes.
  2. A woman is suffering from PCOS if her report says that she has high levels of androgens,  if she has irregular periods and if she has cystic ovaries. If the woman has any two symptoms of them, then she has PCOS. 
  3. Women with PCOS can develop obstructive sleep apnea because of the influence of androgen on sleep cycle. 
  4. Eating disorders like binge eating disorders or Anorexia are common among suffering women. 
  5. It is not important to have cystic ovaries. You can have PCOS if your ovaries do not have cyst. 
  6. Suffering women can have more problems of depression and anxiety disorders than non-suffering women. 
  7. NAC and myo and d-chiro inostiol improve fertility and metabolism of women with PCOS. 
  8. Women with PCOS have more bad cholesterol than good cholesterol. High intake of good cholesterol rich foods can improve the conditions.
  9. It is better to take vitamin B12 supplements, besides metformin because low intake if B12 can cause serious problems. 
  10. Acne is the first sign to have higher levels of androgen. 
  11. Women with PCOS have higher levels of testosterone due to which they can build muscles faster than others. 
  12. Intake of protein and good fat rich foods after three to five hours every day can reduce cravings in PCOS. 
  13. Exercise can help to improve insulin levels in women with PCOS. 
  14. To improve,  it is better to do change diet,  add supplements and do exercise daily. 
  15. Women with PCOS have difficulty in breastfeeding. 

Discussed above were the basics associated with PCOS. If you need to get your labia reconstructed, then it is highly recommended for you to seek advice from a trusted labiaplasty female surgeon. You should also visit a specialized doctor if you need the o shot for incontinence