Rights are the duties that we all have towards each other. It is very important to know that we can ask for rights only when we know our responsibilities and do our duty. When you grow up, what do you want to be?  At some time in their life everybody has to choose a job. Everyone needs to work to earn an income. When some children leave school, they go to a college to continue to study. Some children in countries come from poor families. They do not go to school at all. They help their parents to earn money. People who work are paid wages or a salary. With the money they earn, they can buy the things that they need. Some people do not get paid for the work they do. For example, many mothers worked very hard, their lives are very difficult. They cook, do the shopping, look after the children, take care of their homes, and do many tasks for the family. They are homemakers.

Today many woman also have jobs outside the home and get for the work they do. A woman can work in any field if they are trained for it. These days, Dubai recording studios need good Arabic voice over artist for their projects. This work can also be done at home specially for women. Some jobs are very difficult to do doctors, scientists, and professors. For example, have to be clever people. They have to study hard for many years before they can do their jobs. Jobs like these are called professions. People who work in factories and offices have offices have to be trained.

When they are trained, we say that they are skilled. They are, for example, computer operators, crane operators, technicians, and mechanics. Manual workers are those who work with their hands, doing hard work like digging or working as a leader or a gardener. They are usually strong but unskilled or semi-skilled. For example, a man who mends roads or digs wells has to be strong, but the man does not have to be well educated or very clever. People who do social service and work to help others are generally not paid. They are volunteers who offer to work free of charge. When the person begin to work, it should choose a job which the person can do well. There are many jobs to choose from.