Just like we have different repairing centres for different things like parlours to repair our hair and electronic shops that claim that they can repair machines  like blenders, crockery, microwaves, toasters and more, in the same way there are repairing centres for cars as well these repairing centres fix the existing problems of car and can also give new look to your car. 

The services offered by car repairing centres are different ranging from the size and technology of that automobile repairing centre. In automobile repairing centre,  the vehicle is repaired by technicians and mechanics that are professional and those who have years of experience are preferred because they can fix the problem easily without creating other complications. 


The service offered by these centres include car upholstery work that is car custom seat covers, dash board repair, dash board replacement, leather replacement. Car convertible roof services include folding roof specialist, convertible car repair, mechanical hood repair, convertible roof leakage repair. Ceramic coating services are also there which include protection from chemical stains and itching, protection from UV damage and oxidation, last longing coating, car paint protection. Car painting services include body painting service, car polishing customer painting, car  scratch painting. Pre-purchase inspection includes comprehensive inspection report, fare and transparent report, manual physical inspection and computerized report. Car engine repairing includes car complete engine rebuild, engine detail, engine tuning and car engine noise repair.

Car  transmission repair includes transmission, transmission replacement and  transmission oil filter services.

Auto repairing in Dubai:

Dubai, a country that is famous for advancement that is rarely seen in the other parts of the world has obviously the world’s best mechanics and technicians because they have imported and new cars in the country that need special care and treatment every time. Car repair garages in Dubai are well facilitated with advanced technology and they are supervised by professionals who have years long experience. Car AC service Dubai includes AC diagnosis, heater system inspection, leak test, AC compressor repair and AC gas refill.