Challenges Involved in Starting a Balloon Business

There are so many of us who want to start a business that is easy to do. While there are some but, in those easy businesses, there is less profit. Because the more money a business makes, it clearly means that the business is not small and managing a big business is not a one person’s job. Every business has to face ups and downs. If you want to start a business that have manageable issues then we suggest that you start a balloon shop in Sharjah. For many, this business is for people who don’t want to face real business challenges but the fact is that there are so many challenges in this business as well.

One of many is that you have to keep the employees motivated. But the benefit is that you will have to hire less people as the basic job is of manufacturing and packaging. The more employees are, the more motivated they become. But if there are 5 employees and 2 of them are on leave then it means that there will be no work for the day. The next issue is when you manufacture the number balloons, most of the time the ink fades away and then people don’t buy your brand. You will make a lot of money but after a year or so. Because, in this business, the margins of profit in the beginning is low as there will be a lot of competitors as well. the next thing you have to face is hiring the best marketing and advertising team. You will have to spend a big part of your investment on this department.

You have to hire a creative design manager as well. if your balloons are different from others, more people will revert to your brand more. And if you are not creative enough then you will have to hire one. We suggest that you hire a freelance creative manager. The next issue can be occurred due to mistake of an employee. If your employee messes up with the balloon making machinery or equipment, it can cost you a lot of money on the repairs. The next issue that you will face is the impatient customers. there will be customers who have ordered customized balloons and they take time and if they need before deadline, it will become a massive stress for you.