A will is a legal document that is made when a person or a testator desires to process the distribution of his property, investments and personal items to his loved ones known as the beneficiary in his life. The executor is the person that manages the will and estate and distributes it rightfully under his supervision.

The person making a will should be above the age of 18 and in his right state of mind.  A will should have the signatures of the testator otherwise it would be deemed as a fault document and rejected by the court. Wills in Dubai follow the same rule.

There are different types of wills. You should choose your will according to your assets and desire to distribute it.

Simple will:

A simple will is made when the testator’s nature of estate and finances are simpler and uncomplicated. The will should contain the name, address and marital status of the testator along with the names of the beneficiary. It should also have the names of witnesses and their signatures. The will should be printed instead of handwritten and should contain the date when the will was signed rather than when it was written.

Conditional wills:

This type of will is based on certain conditions that need to be fulfilled by the beneficiary to get the assets. For example: for the beneficiary to reach a certain age. If the conditions are not met, the will would be distributed according to the state law.

Couple’s will:

There are 3 types of couple wills each containing important differences.

  • Mirror wills:

In these wills, the spouses make identical wills with similar beneficiary leaving the other person everything. In case one of them survives, he or she cannot change the will.

  • Joint wills:

This is the joint will signed by both the partners leaving everything to the other. All the beneficiaries are pre-chosen and get the estate after the death of both of them. The survivor can’t change the will.

  • Mutual will:

This will is similar to the mirror will containing separate allocations. However, the survivor cannot change the will, similar to the joint will.

Holographic will:

This is a handwritten statement by the testator that should contain his name and signature.

Living wills:

A living will is different from the above wills in a way that it sets medical instructions in case of accidents.

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